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As soon as your plane touches down, you'll need some money in the local currency. With the growing proliferation of ATM's around the world, money is usually as close as the nearest cash machine, especially if you're flying into a major international airport.

But if you're not sure if an ATM will be available, it's better to have some local currency on hand before you leave home. Purchasing foreign currency from a bank or exchange bureau before you leave is generally a rather expensive option. So if you're headed to a major international airport or train station, it’s best to seek out an ATM as soon as you arrive and withdraw some cash in the local currency.

However, there are circumstances where it still may be worthwhile to have some local currency on hand before arriving in a foreign country. International airports and large banks have exchange bureaus where you can change a small amount of money before you leave. Your own local bank may also be able to order certain foreign currencies for you with a few days' notice.

You will also be charged a relatively hefty fee for ATM withdrawals in a foreign country. Likewise, you'll lose money each time you exchange currencies at an exchange counter because of commissions and rate spreads. Try to withdraw or exchange the exact amount you will need on your trip.
from Johannesburg from CPT from DUR
London (direct) R 13 900
Paris R 11 990
Munich R 11 950
Nairobi R 6 520
Bangkok R 9 850
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