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Make sure you have a valid, up to date passport and, if necessary, a visa. If you are travelling with a baby, make arrangements for the child to be included on your passport.

Update information that may have changed, like your address if you've moved since the last one was issued or your name if you've divorced or married recently. If your physical appearance has changed significantly, it may be time to have a new photograph taken.

Leave copies of your itinerary and passport with family or friends, so that they can contact you in case of an emergency.

Take along your immunizations and other medical records. Take a record to show that you've been vaccinated against prevailing diseases in the country you are visiting. A personalised medical record that indicates your allergies, current medications, and diagnosed conditions is also good idea.

Although your passport should be adequate, it doesn't hurt to bring a copy of your birth certificate in case your passport is lost or stolen. Get a certified copy rather than a regular copy to take along.

Although a driver’s license technically isn't valid in other countries, it can be used as an additional form of identification. It also may help you get a driver's license if you plan to drive while there. Make sure your license is current.

Keep all documents in a travel-safe bag. It's better to carry them on your person than stowing them with the luggage.
from Johannesburg from CPT from DUR
London (direct) R 13 900
Paris R 11 990
Munich R 11 950
Nairobi R 6 520
Bangkok R 9 850
Travel documents
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