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Research your destination and discuss it with your fellow travellers. Websites are a great way to browse travel photos, journals and videos posted by real people sharing their experiences. Before going on a trip, do a quick search. You are bound to find all kinds of stories and advice from people who recently visited the same country.

Speak to friends who have travelled to your destination and read books on its history. Knowing what your destination has to offer makes for a more interesting trip. It also makes it easier to decide exactly where to go if you are on a tight schedule and can’t afford to see all the sights.

Find out what the weather will be like and pack accordingly. Also research types of recreation, the culture and facilities like transport and local restaurants.

Draw up a flexible schedule. Planning too far ahead may be constricting, because vacations rarely go as planned. Be spontaneous, but keep hints from travel guides in mind. Make a list of places to visit and things to do, like restaurants, museums, malls, and other places of interest. This will give you ideas and prevent you from feeling lost when you arrive.
from Johannesburg from CPT from DUR
London (direct) R 13 900
Paris R 11 990
Munich R 11 950
Nairobi R 6 520
Bangkok R 9 850
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