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Arrive ahead of time to the airport and select your seat depending on your preferences. Or check in online at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight – this way you can select your seat and use a special lane on arrival to ensure faster service.

Discuss your meal options and dietary requirements with your booking agent before you fly. Avoid drinking beverages that will dehydrate your body. These include coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. Due to the high altitudes and cabin pressure, you may experience headaches.

Invest in a comfortable neck rest. Sleeping as much as possible on the flight is a great way to refresh your body and mind and to pass the hours. It is better to be well rested and experience the time difference than to be tired and jetlagged anyway. Jet lag is a form of disorientation and fatigue caused by switching to a different sleeping/waking schedule. It tends to happen when crossing two or more time zones in one flight. Get a good night's sleep before your trip and sleep as much as possible during your flight.

Take some reading material and a portable music player. Time will pass by much quicker. Stretch your legs by walking around on the plane or do some leg-, neck-, arm- and hand exercises that don't require you to get up. This decreases the chances of stiff legs or pain. Dress comfortably and take your shoes off, because your feet will swell during the flight.

Check your airline’s baggage restrictions carefully. Make your luggage more distinguishable from others and inspect it before you leave the airport. Don't leave your previous flight baggage tags on your luggage. Extra tags can confuse baggage handlers and may cause delays in retrieving your luggage.

Don't pack any fragile material in your luggage. If you have something fragile to transport, either take it with you as hand luggage or check it in as special luggage.
from Johannesburg from CPT from DUR
London (direct) R 13 900
Paris R 11 990
Munich R 11 950
Nairobi R 6 520
Bangkok R 9 850
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