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Pack as light as possible. Ask yourself whether you really need it and, if you do, whether you are willing to cart it around. There is little you really need when you travel. Pack a few pieces of clothing with a couple of complementary, solid colours. Black is versatile if you need to be able to dress up and be casual.

Leave the laptop behind. Being away from the internet for a few days recharges and relaxes you in ways that you never experience at home.

Take a small, foldable umbrella to protect against UV rays and possible rain.

Most toiletries can easily be found in your destination country.

Baby wipes and lockable plastic bags come in very handy.

Don’t carry all your cash or credit cards on you when you go out. Leave some in a safe at the hotel.

Pack a recommended book about the history and sights of your destination.
from Johannesburg from CPT from DUR
London (direct) R 13 900
Paris R 11 990
Munich R 11 950
Nairobi R 6 520
Bangkok R 9 850
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